Our sustainable commitment

Our materials

Sourcing existing materials that are destined for disposal is our daily work, the very essence of our brand.

Using existing material stocks means avoiding additional energy costs related to the production of these materials, thus saving electricity, water and reducing its carbon impact.

Composition de votre sac

1 Upcycled car fabric
The car fabric has the quality of being solid, light and resistant.
It is designed to support thousands of seated! This material is also water-repellent.
We recycle end of production rolls, or rolls with defects,
and prevent them from being thrown away.
2 Upcycled seat belt
During the production of seat belts, a lot of scraps fall off
. Many are crushed and reused to make thread, some are discarded,
and others are collected. We buy and reuse them as handles or shoulder straps.
3 Accessories purchased locally (linings, buckles)
(doublures, boucles)
Producing as close as possible, giving priority to short circuits,
this is how to reduce the environmental impact of production.
For this purpose we buy buckles, zips,
accessories produced in Europe, and linings made locally near our workshop.
4 Scrap leather and quality leather
For leather handles and patterns, we buy high quality
leather scraps from major French brands that resell leather at the end of production
or when there are surpluses. When these falls are not enough,
we buy top-of-the-range Italian or French leather to take
care of the details and quality of our bags.

Our production process

Manufacturing as close as possible to the points of sale, promoting short circuits, these are the challenges of a responsible production


By entering into a partnership with our workshop in Morocco, we have met several requirements that we had set for ourselves: a responsible workshop, aware of environmental issues, in search of constant improvement of its production techniques and waste reduction, concerned about the living environment of its employees, attentive to their needs.


Our workshop sets up everything for a serene work of its workers (ventilation for glue smells, respect of legal schedules, breaks, wage increases...), respectfully with international labour law.


Quality is at the heart of our concerns for our customers, whether in the manufacturing of products, delivery, or customer care.
From the choice of fabrics to the assembly, Entre 2 Rétros pays particular attention to each of the 40 stages of the manufacturing process of its products.
We select each material with high standards in order to guarantee you the best quality.
Our craftsmen sublimate our creations, take care of every detail, every finish.
That's what makes your bag so valuable : perfect from every angle, designed to stand the test of time without ever losing its beauty!


Fini le plastique pour emballer les produits. Avec ce même souci de partir de matériaux existants, vos produits sont emballés dans des sacs en tissu réutilisables, réalisés à partir de chutes de production. Ces emballages sont également produits localement.


If your bag has a defect or abnormal wear, we will repair your bag free of charge for three years following your purchase *.

Please contact us by email at contact@entre2retros.com if you have a request.
The delivery time is approximately one month after receipt of your bag.

*Despite all the care we take and the quality of our materials, a bag used every day will wear out and we will only repair manufacturing defects or unexpected breakage.